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June 11, 2022, Self-Defence Class w/ James Wilson T&C 

If there is an emergency, I agree to allow myself or my child/ren to be treated by 911 emergency personnel. I agree to be taken to the nearest hospital if an emergency arises. I also agree to hold harmless all event organizers any accidents, injuries, or any negligence on my part or on the part of another party that is not affiliated with Soul Food Holistic Healing LLC., Image Public Relations Boutique LLC., James "The Beast" Wilson, James Wilson Enterprises, LLC. or Esscents of Juila LLC. I agree I cannot take legal action or seek compensation for personal injury claims against any parties listed. By checking this box, completing the registration, and paying the registration fee, I understand this is a law-abiding agreement per the state of Georgia, and I agree to all of the terms and conditions outlined. By typing my name below, I am consenting to an electronic signature. 

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